Boone’s Aluminum Cranks Look Like They’re From a 1950’s Sci-Fi Film – Pond Beaver 2021

by | April 14, 2021

In the 1990s there were multiple small American manufacturers producing gorgeous aluminum cranks. Boone Technologies was one of those companies, but they stopped producing their signature Twist! cranks 25 years ago to concentrate on making titanium wedding rings instead.

Now, they’re getting back into the mountain bike world with a machined aluminum crankset that’s sure to attract some attention. The polished aluminum and oversized oval shape gives them a retro, sort of 1950’s sci-fi look, rather than something that’s meant for bashing around off-road.

The Cranx! are made in Kennesaw, Georgia, and are said to weigh 245 grams per arm, and come in a 175mm length with a 30mm diameter spindle. They’re priced at $495, and Boone also makes titanium direct mount chainrings for $175 to complete the package.

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