Video: Vid Persak Recreates a Slovenian Folk Tale in ‘Divja Jaga’

by | January 10, 2021

Jan 10, 2021

by Ed Spratt  

bigquotes Divja Jaga I Wild Hunt

A long time ago, old people say that there were a caravan of dead beasts (horses, dogs, cats,…) called Divja Jaga (Wild Hunt). And the tale goes that it hunts you in the woods, at right about that time of the year – when it’s cold and dark outside.How do you escape it, you might ask? Well, you can lay down into the roadway to pass over you, or you run. Run as long as you find the cross craved in the stump – which will save you from Divja Jaga. This is how I beat it!

Rider: Vid Persak
Concept: Rok Petelin
Camera: Miha Kolar, Rok Petelin, Tine Lenart
FPV camera: Gregor Pesek, @SandFPV
Cablecam: Tine Lenart – Aircam, Nik Gradišnik, Kristjan Kotnik
Edit: Rok Petelin, Miha Kolar
Color grading, sound design: Miha Kolar
Sound recording: Jure Tamše, Miha Kolar
Voiceover: Gregor Podričnik
Translation: Julija Geršanov
Horse trainer: Neža Kožar
Horse: Aladin

Vid Persak