Video: Tahnee Seagrave, Tomas Lemoine, Troy Brosnan & The Canyon CLLCTV Go Racing in Austria

by | September 22, 2021

Crankworx BC is right around the corner – so we figured it was perfect timing to get hyped up and revisit what went down at the last Crankworx in Innsbruck, Austria.

Californian CLLCTV member Luca Cometti headed across the pond to Austria to capture all the shenanigans of a week of Crankworx, and what what a crazy week it was, with big weather, bigger tricks and some massive whips. Sit back and let Luca take you back through the action for himself and the rest of the Canyon CLLCTV squad.

Whip Off

The week started off with a banger, more specifically, Kaos Seagrave’s banger of a whip at the Whip Off competition. Sending it the most sideways we’ve ever seen, Kaos claimed the win with ease, making it his second Crankworx Whip Off win in his career.


After a hectic evening of racing, the finals came down to a very heated lap between CLLCTV’s Tomas Lemoine and Chaney Guennet where after a narrow battle, Tomas Lemoine finished up in 2nd.

bigquotes Went full in all day long, I gave everything on every run! I love racing!Tomas Lemoine

Speed & Style

This years Speed and Style had some more forgiving weather than in the previous year, and the new spine feature before the last jump provided endless scrub opportunities.

The speed and style event is usually one which is dominated by the likes of Tomas Lemoine and Thomas Genon, and this year was no different. WIth the pair making it to the finals, they gave us a treat on the last jump. After both putting down a stormer of a finals run, Lemoine and Genon took 1st and 2nd respectively.


As we headed into Saturday all eyes were on the slopestyle course and especially on Tomas Lemoine after his insane performance back in 2020 with a score of 90.0.

Unfortunately, Lemoine slipped a pedal on a couple of landings, putting his final score on 79.50.


The week finished off with the Downhill race and with the Canyon CLLCTV Factory downhill team and the FMD Racing team on site, it was set to be a form of mini world cup race.

Troy Brosnan finished off in 2nd in the elite men’s, and Tahnee Seagrave 3rd in the elite women, whilst FMD Racing junior Phoebe Gale took the win in the Under-19 womens category, and CLLCTV rider Henri Kiefer took 2nd in the Under-17 men’s category, nicely rounding off a successful week of riding and racing bikes with an amazing group of friends.

Thanks Innsbruck for such a good week. Looking forward to BC!