Video: Sunday Saves #2

by | July 4, 2021

 Top scores definitely go to the gal at 1:50 who inadvertently did the Richie Schley one-hander on the K-mart ride

 Yea I think the chick on the Walmart bike won Sunday Saves this week, sketchy MTB & Jump and tree waiting for someone to face plant onSmile

 not walmart just 2005, an unfortunate period for bikes. i can tell because the fork has disk mounts, but rim brakes and no walmart fork has that

 @mior: You must be an expert on walmart bikes

 Agreed. Please donate a proper bike to that girl. She’s got it.

 very curious about pretty much every part of this clip

 @sdaly: unfortunately, no experts on Walmart bikes are employed by Walmart

 @mr-epic-3: Hey, that’s a genuine jeep brand…well maybe not genuine…probably licensed, and properly shite….She stuck with it though. Good on her.

 Every bike visible in that clip looks like something from K-Mart, and the folks are wearing costumes… even the dog. Seems like a “ride this trail on the cheapest bike you can find” event of some sort… I’d love to know more.

 Cameron Zink’s sponsor is Hyper.. A Walmart mountain bike brand. That sounds wrong

 That was an awesome save,I actually did something similar on my road bike a few weeks ago on a high speed turn. Hit a depression on the tarmac,my hand came off the handlebar,somewhat managed to hold it again and get on the brakes. Went off the road,down a 2m bank and into a field,but escaped a 40km/h crash.
Nervous laughing the rest of the way home.

 Pretty sure that was footage for a a GoFundMe page. For the whole group, no less.

 I think the same !
This woman is a cat.
She doesn’t act like a mountain biker but still manages to make two saves! Smile