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Amir Kabbani and Patrick Schweika set the new Guinness World Records achievement for the greatest vertical descent on a mountain bike in 24 hours at Bikepark Schladming in Austria last October. The two athletes rode the 1074.75-metre descent as often as possible within the 24-hour window to break the existing record of 32,796.9 metres. After every descent, the riders were shuttled back up the winding road to the start of the track in a Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

bigquotes Up until the 20th time, it was still fun. After that, we just kept on functioning until 6:30 in the morning.Amir Kabbani

The pickup was the perfect partner for the job: The loading surface provided plenty of space for the bikes and enabled rapid loading and unloading. The route to the starting point ran through a winding sealed road and continued along a gravel path. Thanks to its driving dynamics and off-road capabilities, the X-Class lost no valuable time here at all.

A team of 50 people made the record possible while shooting an epic mountain bike content piece. The entire staff of mechanics, physiotherapists, organizers, officials, stunt drivers, camera crew, and drone operators did an incredible job. When the two athletes equaled the former record in the middle of the night, they kept pushing on, setting a new all-time best of 40,840.5 metres. Even with the disadvantages of short autumn days with little daylight and a slippery track with frozen conditions overnight, the two riders were able to push through their fatigue and shatter the previously set record.

Pro mountain bikers with marathon conditioning.
A moment’s respite during 40,840.5 metres of descending.
Keeping everything running smoothly.

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