Video: Self-Filmed Rainy Squamish Ride

by | September 28, 2019

Words, Photos, & Video: Peter Wojnar

Some of my earliest efforts to shoot mountain biking involved a tripod and a lot of time alone in the woods—at the time, a way I could practice my craft, experiment, and make mistakes without encumbering someone else with the burden of my inexperience. Then as it is now, it was a slow and patient process, which restricted what I could do with the camera at the same time as pushing me to be the best rider I could be. And it’s a process that helped me to understand that media production was something I wanted to pursue. Over the years, I’ve built up to working with some of the athletes I grew up watching in the movies. And while working with those athletes unfortunately does little to give you their skill on a bike, it does remind me of the excitement and the circumstances under which I picked up a camera in the first place.

So I’ve come back to that process of turning the camera on myself riding to get back to those roots, slow down, and push myself as a rider—and to push my bike uphill for “another.” Squamish in the rain is about as good as it gets, and this fall has delivered my favourite riding conditions in spades.

Thanks for watching. Now go ride your bike. Especially if it’s raining.