Video: Max McCulloch Styles It Up On His XC Bike

by | June 24, 2020

Growing up, the main trail network I rode was one of those places that really punished you on the climbs. If you didn’t have a certain level of fitness and technical climbing ability, it was pretty hard to enjoy many of the trails. After years of frustration, I learned to love it. Cleaning a new uphill section for the first time is incredibly rewarding, as well as pushing yourself technically and physically. In my opinion, if 50% of the riding you’re doing is going to be uphill, you might as well try to enjoy it! That being said, I still love the downs and it’s definitely a lot easier to make them look exciting on video.

In the spirit of social distancing, NOBL and I have collaborated on a self-shot series of videos. Stay tuned for the second one released next month!

The XC racing rig outfitted for the odd huck to flat (apologies for the crank placement). Riding a light bike with fast rolling tires is hard to beat.

Riding and Video: Max McCulloch
Made possible by: NOBL Wheels