Video: Loose and Flat Out DH Riding in ‘The Cornish Fasty’

by | October 17, 2020

I caught up with elite racer & MTB coach Jay Williamson – The Cornish Fasty….to see what he’s been up to this summer without the normal year of racing!

“Just here, making the best of this crazy situation we are all in….taking the opportunity to go with the flow and enjoy riding bikes! A good chance to rest the body and switch off the racing mind after 12 years of back to back racing. I’ve had the chance to put some extra time into growing my MTB coaching business – Jay Williamson MTB – helping others to enjoy riding as much as I do! “
“Racing bikes is a way of life for me and I’ve definitely felt a little lost without the adrenaline rush of the 2020 national DH season….but hey, more bike time this winter and fingers crossed in 2021 we can get back to normal – hearing those start line beeps again!”
Thanks to the great people and sponsors that have made this video possible!

I hope you enjoyed the video, stay safe everyone.

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