Video: Innes Graham & Max Rendall Get Loose on eMTBs in ‘Evolve’

by | January 15, 2021

The history of the bicycle is extraordinary, things have certainly come on a long way in 200 years. I was surprised to find out whilst making this, that the battery was invented before the bicycle. I think that puts in perspective how slow the development of bicycles was back then, even during a time where motor vehicles were starting to emerge.

Recently, electric bicycles have seen some extraordinary leaps in development. We decided to embrace this new technology, attempting to show that these e-bikes are more agile than people think.

I think it’s important to say at this moment where access-ability to high-end bikes is very difficult for a lot of people worldwide: A bike is a bike! It doesn’t matter what you are riding, just get out there and have fun! That’s our message.

Electric or Acoustic, bikes are amazing for your mental and physical health, I think people get lost worrying about what bike they are on or how they appear to others.

We spend a lot of time promoting these new bikes, so I just felt the need to say that jealousy of materials is wasted energy, ride for the love of riding.

Radon have excellent value for money and that has to mean something during times like these. We are stoked to represent that.

– Max