Video: Hunting Down the Perfect Loamers in ‘Farmer on Patrol 3’

by | January 1, 2021

So, 12 hours into 2021 and I think it’s about time to kickstart this year good n’ proper. Everyone’s favourite farmer Josh Gleave is back, and we’ve got loam. Plenty of loam.

A few years have passed since Farmer on Patrol 1 and 2 that we made for Transition Bikes. The 3rd and most likely final was always on the horizon but we always needed new hills and new approaches to go even bigger. After lockdown eased in the UK and Autumn set in we got down to some filming locally – just for the hell of it with no plan and maybe making a simple video from a day or two of shooting. Then the bug caught on and we realised another few hills could have massive potential for high-speed loam.. 5 1/2 days of filming later.. (7 1/2 total)… Farmer on Patrol 3 was born.

90% of the tracks you see in this video were cut in an hour before filming on them. I’ve done this before, but not even close to this extent. This ensures the freshest loam (as most of it was fairly dry underneath) and fresh lines that had mostly never been shot before. It was only towards the end of filming we realised how lucky we are to have endless soft loamy gullies with very little rocks and roots. So easy to scrape lines and dig stuff into.
As you may know, Josh is a dairy farmer from Cheshire so fitting around his schedule and contesting with some of the shortest days of the year made for a 3-4 month shooting period. Lots of time and effort from both parties all for the fun of it, with Transition Bikes kindly coming on board at the end helping out with our costs (AKA too many pasties, brews and ginger beers).
We dug this corner out in about 25 minutes and went around 3ft down to gain just enough clearance for Josh to compress into the corner and make it round. It didn’t help the run in was steep, so you had to hit it fast and use the compression to pop your head under the log.
There you go. The trilogy of Farmer on Patrol, completed. A huge thanks to Transition Bikes for supporting it throughout and a big thanks to Josh for giving 110% be it riding or digging. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

Soundtrack – ‘Kill The King’ – Rainbow

Video / Photo / Words – Caldwell Visuals