Video: Hitting Gaps & Jumps on a Freshly Built Trail

by | November 21, 2021

Three years ago a colleague showed me an abandoned, overgrown, trail that hadn’t been ridden in a long time. Checking it out, I spotted bunch of lines and potential to build new features. When covid hit, I had a lot of free time, and decided to use it to start building, and bring this project to life. That’s when my brother (Christian Massot), some friends and myself first put shovels to dirt.

From the beginning, we wanted to make it gnarly. WORCA is an association in Whistler that is doing an amazing job at building trails, getting people into riding, and helping riders improve their skills in a safe environment. However, with most local trails outside of the Bike Park encouraging riders to keep their tires on the ground, I felt it was time for locals to build a sketchy and technical trail with mandatory high speeds, jumps, and drops. We made sure to follow standard trail building procedures like keeping water spots untouched, of course.

Finally this September, we finished building. I’m super stoked to show this video I made with my favourite filmer and friend Stefan Licko, and with Olly Fowler as the fungi narrator.

I put a total of around 100 hours into this build, and moved more than 60 buckets of dirt, and countless rocks. Of course, I couldn’t have done all of this without the help of friends and my brother. I’m super stoked to show everybody my creation, the Sea to Sky’s newest trail, White Dragon.

I hope you enjoy.

Words by Sergi Massot

The opening drop was the first feature I built. Since the first day, I knew it would be a super cool to drop from a stump, and make the landing into a berm.
This past fall, my buddy got a chainsaw and we learned together how to use it. That helped me a lot to build the bridge over the creek. It took me 3 different tries to make it properly.
Rider: Sergi Massot
Video & Photos: Stefan Licko