Video: Event Preview – EWS Trophy of Nations 2019

by | September 27, 2019

That most iconic of enduro locations, Finale in Italy, will this weekend play host to the biggest mountain biking celebration of the year, the Bluegrass Trophy of Nations powered by SRAM.

The event marks a new chapter in the sport, as riders compete for the rainbow jerseys for the first time in the history of enduro. Sunday’s race will see 24 different nations take to the start line in teams of three, as they cast aside individual ambition and work together to compete for not only national pride, but also those elusive UCI Trophy of Nations jerseys and medals. Teamwork, strategy and sportsmanship will be pushed to the limit as riders work together to race for a combined result. Noga Korem took to the trails to see what lies in store for the racers this weekend.