Video: Dan Atherton Shreds Dyfi for ‘Tea & Biscuits’

by | June 6, 2020

The last of our weekly Tea & Biscuits segments takes us to Dyfi Bike Park in Wales, Dan Atherton’s masterpiece that he has shaped with the help of family and friends over the course of a number of years.

Tommy C headed out to the Welsh woodlands to film as Dan, Gee and co. hit up some of the monster jumps and techy tracks — Athy at times opting for a BMX where most people would need a big rig. The man’s got talent.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has watched Tea & Biscuits and followed these segment and extras releases. T&B was an amazing project to work on and the first of many Misspent Summers/Caldwell Visuals collaborations. Keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you to all the riders involved in this section and the rest of the film, to the bands who kindly gave us permission to use the music (Big Quiet in this section), to Nukeproof and Hope for making the film possible, and to everyone else involved.