Video: Bienvenido Aguado Lands 100ft Frontflip at Darkfest

by | May 25, 2021

Video: Thomas Sandell

Bienvenido Aguado has landed a claimed 100 foot (30.48 metres) front flip at DarkFest in South Africa.

It’s claimed to be the longest dirt-to-dirt frontflip in mountain biking history. This record was previously held by Tom Van Steenbergen who landed a claimed 70 foot flip in his 2014 UnReal segment.

bigquotes So… 30 metres to be exact…. WOO!

It’s something I’ve been waiting for for so long, especially since last Darkfest when we couldn’t attempt it because it was too windy. But this time… it was the time…. So I’m the happiest guy on the planet right now!

Bienvenido Aguado

bigquotes So we just had a new world record landed at Darkfest and I couldn’t be more stoked for Bienve on his unbelievable feat! We build the biggest jumps in the world and this is why we do it…. so we can all push each other to go as big as possible!Sam Reynolds