Video: Airtime & Riding Along Steep Cliff Sides in Madeira

by | September 30, 2021

Since the Enduro World Series took place on the small but super green flower island, Madeira became a big name in the mountain bike business. Also big films like Brendog’s Deathgrip and all the other nice clips from the island in the Atlantic Ocean show us the beauty and variety of Madeira. The Trans Madeira also established itself as a well-known event: The drivers are sent across the whole island over several days. Many pro athletes enjoy the offseason in Madeira – and due to the corona pandemic, many “digital nomads” have set up their home office camp here. With mild temperatures, a good dose of sun, and few rain days, the winter can be really nice on Madeira.

Sascha is almost part of the island’s inventory, since 2015 he has been coming every year in April to start the season and in November to extend it a little longer. So it’s no wonder that he knows the island almost better than his home trails. Reason enough that he takes you on an island tour and pulls you over all the jumps.

Brendog’s large and technical Deathgrip line in Ponta do Pargo serves a good portion of airtime.

In addition to the large Deathgrip line in Ponta do Pargo, Madeira’s Wild West has to offer something for everyone from small to large. The road gap on the Rabbit Trail looks big, but here Sascha and his crew have probably build the smooothest jump on the island.
The technical trails in the east of the island are also a real highlight. EWS trails like the Boca do Risco have been perfectly integrated into nature. Far away from civilization, you can enjoy the pure nature of Madeira: tree-sized ferns, steep cliffs down to the sea, and breathtaking views almost overwhelm you.

Anyone who is already afraid of the cold winter should plan their trip to Madeira as soon as possible.

Madeira is the perfect destination to extend the season a little longer, and thus to escape the European winter a little longer. Fun is guaranteed here!
In Madeira are several shuttle companies that take you across the island and show you the trails. If you like it cozy and familiar, you are in good hands with Bikulture. While you could live in the middle of the city in Funchal, the small villages in the west come along with sweet little houses or apartments right by the sea. The small village Jardim do Mar near Calheta is super nice and familiar.
Rider: Sascha Bamberg
Location: Madeira
Foto + Video: Pia Rummland
Music: Rachel K Collier – Mosquito Mojito
Edit: Sascha Bamberg