Video: A Fresh Look at the New Vallnord World Cup Course

by | June 20, 2022

At the end of March, it was revealed that Vallnord would have a new World Cup DH course this year with riders now starting at the top of the mountain. The track which had been used for a Copa Catalana DH race had plenty of berms and a few rougher, raw sections but nothing compared to the previous track.

Now with just weeks away from a return to Vallnord next month we have seen a better look at what riders could be racing on and it definitely looks more challenging. Whereas the course we saw last year had plenty of berms all the way down, the updated track now seems to have a few more natural sections with some steep chutes to rival the old course. There are definitely a few line choices for riders on the course and it looks like the track will be constantly changing with ruts and big holes forming throughout a weekend of racing.

The past weekend saw some top World Cup riders get a taste of the course at the Copa Catalana, you can check out some of the action below.