Trailforks Aids Rescue of Injured Mountain Biker in Penticton, BC

by | May 28, 2019

The Penticton Herald reports that Trailforks assisted in the rescue of an injured mountain biker on the Three Blind Mice trail network in Penticton, BC. The free trail map app Trailforks is Pinkbike’s sister company.

After a rider was injured on the Bronco trail, her riding partners used Trailforks to send rescuers her exact location. Because of the rider’s injuries and the area’s terrain, Search and Rescue manager Kelvin Hall chose a helicopter extraction over a ground stretcher team. Hall recommends all backcountry users download Trailforks.

The rider’s condition is unknown at this time, but we’ll update this as soon as we know more. We wish her the best in her recovery!

Trailforks SAR Interface

The Trailforks SAR interface shows your position with included accuracy bubble and the coordinates of the injured rider. As you travel towards the victim, the map auto-zooms in to always show where you are in relation to the target. You can reset the target if information changes and the interface will auto-reset zoom and location to include your location and target.

Success Story Trailforks Search and Rescue

The Trailforks user side emergency interface.

The real power of the module comes in the accuracy of the Trailforks data and the outdoor usability of the map interface. When you have to glance down at the map in full sunlight, having accurate trails overlayed on our high contrast custom basemap makes location acquisition quick.

On the Trailforks application user side, there is an option to use the emergency button which will both dial out to emergency services and provide their location in large latitude/longitude numbers. On some phones, when tracking is not being used within the app, the location that the phone reports can sometimes be way off. Some phones will try to use Wifi triangulation or other means to estimate location. Using the handy emergency feature in the app will force the phone to try to get a good GPS fix and report your location in big and easy to read numbers.

Usage of the 911 dial-out feature in the Trailforks app is not required for the SAR module to work, as they run independently. Often the PCFD relies on the 911 dispatch to provide the GPS coordinates as reported by the phone.

Trailforks also has a database of local emergency numbers, so if you’re travelling and have an incident and pull up the emergency page, the regions local emergency number will be shown. Bike Parks can even enter their SAR number rather than riders calling the local towns 911.

From the emergency page you can also “Share” your location which will generate a link. When sent and opened by another user a pin of your location will open on their app or website.

For more information on how your SAR Group or Rescue outfit can get better connected, send an email to: support@trailforks.com