The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 129 – Are There Too Many MTB Videos? Interview w/ IFHT’s Jason Lucas

by | June 28, 2022

 @Tmackstab: My gut says progression has stalled, how could it get any more gnarly and go further? Then it happens. Happened in Moto, backflip is impossible….nevermind, double backflip incomprehensible…nevermind, triple backflip is out of this world….woops.

I remember when a backflip in a BMX competition was an instant winner, it’s not THAT long ago. Same for front flips, it was thought to be impossible up until what, ~20 years ago?

Danny Mcaskill stuff defies logic, especially with his creative lines and vids.

Rampage is getting to the point where it’s stick it or helicopter ride….I think we’ll see some more progression here, unlike moto, those guys still are not pushing the physical and injury boundaries the moto guys were back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

But I agree, what makes me excited are creative edits with some behind the scenes…scoping out jumps, the multiple fails, kinda makes you feel like you are there and experiencing it vs watching a perfectly edited video with no blemishes….