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Kathi Kuyper’s Trek Ticket S
Kathi Kuypers may not be a name familiar to many but she’s been the only female competitor at many FMB rounds and Crankworx Speed and Style events for four years. To celebrate the fact that she would once again be the only woman competing in speed and style, Trek designed her a bike based on World War 2 fighter planes, complete with a pin up portrait of Kathi on the seat tube.

Magped’s new enduro pedal

Released a month and a half ago, the MagPed Enduro is an update on the pedal we first saw in Whistler last year. While that pedal had only one magnet and was aimed at more casual cyclists, the Enduro has twice the magnets, twice the power, better seals, a reinforced axle and can supposedly be used by all mountain bikers.

So why would you want a magnetic pedal? Well MagPed’s reasoning is that it allows you to disengage from the pedal in any direction like on a flat pedal, which can help when you really need to get your feet off fast, but you can also pull upwards in the pedal stroke like on a clipless pedal – think of it as a halfway house between clips and flats. MagPed also claim that your foot is more engaged with the body of the pedal using magnets.

The Magped Enduro pedal produces a 15kg vertical attraction, which MagPed claim is strong enough to keep your feet in place during a pedal stroke but not so much that you can’t disengage vertically if you need to. They have a claimed weight of 530 grams and will cost €149. MagPed are also working on a more lightweight version with a titanium spindle

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Push Components

Push Components (not to be confused with Push Industries) had a number of products on display for riders that like big days in the alpine. First up was this Hookabike backpack attachment that allows for hands-free hike-a-biking. The clip attaches to your backpack’s straps with velcro while another velcro srapr attaches to the bottom of your downtube. As you flip the bike up onto your back, you can line up the metal knob with the channel in the back pack attachment and then you are free to hike, climb and even jump with your bike held in place. Although if my experience is anything to go by, it will be a two person job until you get the hang of it. The Hookabike costs $49.99.

Next up was the Dropafork, a simple way to limit the travel of your fork without changing the internals. The product is anchored inside the steered tube and then hooks to a bit of material around the bridge of your forks and the length of the strap can be set to prevent your forks reaching their full travel. To engage it, you compress your forks, hook the two pieces together and when they become taught, your fork cannot extend any further. When not in use, the cap fits below the steerer tube, out of the way. The one drawback is that this can’t be done on the move and you’ll probably have to get off to decrease/release your forks, so it’s more for winch and plummet riders than long trail rides. The Dropafork costs $44.99.

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Troy Lee Designs

Troy’s hand-painted custom lid celebrates Crankworx Innsbruck and a giveaway competition was being held in the Troy Lee Designs booth to give it away to one lucky attendee.

Melon Optics

Melon’s new Diable goggles are coming in July and are designed to fit wider helmets.

Loose Riders

Great minds think alike…

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