Spotted: Wireless Electronic Suspension from RockShox

by | September 20, 2021

New tech is, unsurprisingly, often tested at the top level by EWS and World Cup riders, so it’s no surprise when a race bike has some new and mysterious parts on it. In this case, Charlie Murray’s Specialized Enduro is outfitted with what appears to be prototype electronic suspension from RockShox.

The fork and shock are both labeled with the RockShox prototype BlackBox branding and seem to be RockShox’s foray into a wireless electronic lockout system. The fork is marked with open, pedal, and lock settings and has two buttons marked + and – where the compression dial is usually found. Those buttons may be what moves the green indicator between the open, pedal, and lock modes, but it’s possible that they’re linked to something else entirely.

As for the shock, it would make sense for the shock to have matching adjustments, though we can’t say for sure. There is a thin strip of black tape that seems to be obscuring what looks like an AXS battery, although that could have been a last minute addition for some extra security during the race.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled at the next and final EWS race for a few more glimpses of this setup and will keep you updated as we learn more.