Spotted: Pole’s New 190mm Travel Bike

by | May 30, 2021

Leo Kokkonen, founder and CEO of Pole has posted photos of a new prototype bike that has 190mm of travel front and rear.

The bike is an example of the next development of Pole’s suspension design and uses the same linkage as the upcoming eMTB that we saw on social media in February.

Leo is currently testing the suspension concept in Madeira and was able to give us a number of details of the bike ahead of its launch later this year. The four bar linkage uses hollow bonded links and is apparently the culmination of two years’ worth of development. It is able to be used with eMTBs, regular drivetrains and, interestingly, gearbox bikes, something Pole hasn’t previously explored.

Leo has also been posting plenty of photos of the new eMTB that uses the same linkage design

The philosophy behind this bike was apparently “more is more” and that is the reasoning behind its 190mm travel, making it one of, if not the, longest travel non-downhill bikes going.

Also sizeable is the headtube that comes with the 1.8” standard. This is a standard we first saw at Eurobike in 2019 and, while we were originally told it was implemented for aesthetic reasons on eMTBs, Leo actually sees a number of performance advantages to the standard too, he said:

bigquotes Head tube is 1.8″ with ZS 66. With adaptor the bike can be ridden with 1.5″, and also dual crown. My take on the 1.8″ is that stiffness is near the dual crown without the turning radius limitation.

Photos: Leo Kokkonen

Leo couldn’t give us a full geometry run down at this time but some key figures include an 80° seat tube and a high bb. The bike can also apparently be run with 29”/29”, 27.5”/27.5” or mullet wheel sizes. Both bikes will be available later this year.