Spotted: A Lightweight Full Face Helmet from Specialized

by | July 28, 2021

It looks like Specialized has a new lightweight full face helmet on the way, as seen in Instagram teaser posts from Specialized Enduro Team riders Charlie Murray and Sofia Wiedenroth.

The new helmet looks about as airy as anything on the market and significantly lighter than the existing Specialized Dissident full face helmet.

Interestingly, it looks as if the all EWS riders still wore the older Dissident at most of the EWS rounds so far except for Sofia Wiedenroth, who seems to have worn hers in La Thuile.

Today, Charlie Murray joined Sofia by sharing a photo of himself wearing the helmet on Instagram. Specialized clearly knows what it’s doing when it comes to dropping hints before a launch.
From its appearance, we could probably ballpark it in the 700-800ish grams range, though Specialized could always surprise us. After all, their full carbon burly DH helmet weighs just over 1000g. With large vents, it seems well-suited to enduro, and we’ll likely see all of Specialized’s EWS racers adopt the new helmet at the next few races.

Specialized couldn’t tell us anything specific about the helmet, but did offer this statement:

bigquotes At Specialized we are constantly developing new and exciting products to meet all rider needs. Great products don’t only come from the lab as real world testing is always a big part of our development process, we have the advantage of top level athletes on our long list of sponsored riders and from time to time those pre-production products make there way onto the internet. Let’s be honest secrets are hard to come by these days. You never can tell when or what products we are testing out in the wild will make it to the consumer market, what you can be sure of is when a new product is ready for release the public will know.Specialized

We’ll keep you tuned on any updates when we know more.