Social Round Up: First Hits at Red Bull Hardline

by | July 21, 2021

A look at what’s happening at Red Bull Hardline after the first practice day is done.

Kaos Seagrave
Kaos Seagrave never fails to bring the endless style.

Joe Smith
Joe Smith took third here in 2019 despite a rear puncture. What can he do this year?
Adam Brayton
Adam Brayton overcooking the style. We hope he’s feeling all right after that one!
Jerome Caroli, Vinny Turpin, & Theo Erlangsen
A finish jump train.
Thomas Genon & Vinny Turpin
Tommy G follows Vinny T off one of the many massive Hardline features.
Theo Erlangsen
A big first hit with Theo Erlangsen.
Craig Evans
Conditions look much looser than last time.
Gaetan Vige
Big senders with Gaetan Vige.
Lewis Buchanan
Lewis Buchanan is on an enduro bike.
Thibaut Laly
More road gapping with Thibaut Laly.
Charlie Hatton
Charlie Hatton has been sending to the clouds.
Laurie Greenland
Laurie Greenland with the throwback clip.
Bernard Kerr
Bernard Kerr looks to be having a great time so far.
Matteo Iniguez
Matteo Iniguez cruising in slo-mo.
Johannes Fischbach
A quick tour with Johannes Fischbach.
Harry Molloy
Harry Molloy is as ready as can be.
Jono Jones
Jono Jones pushing past fear.
And for good measure, a glimpse of Jono’s last trip to Hardline.
Elliot Heap
Elliot Heap getting the tow in.