Round Up: 15 Olympic Edition Bikes

by | July 22, 2021

Evie Richards, Anton Cooper & Jolanda Neff’s Trek Supercalibers

Trek added a brand-new paint scheme to its Project One ICON collection today, First Light. All Trek athletes in Tokyo, over 50 in total across all disciplines, will be racing on the new colourway.

bigquotes All-new First Light is a one-of-a-kind custom paint scheme inspired by the land of the rising sun, with hand-painted ribbons of color in divine shades of blue, pink, gold, and red layered beneath a purple-tinted logo.Trek Bicycles

You can choose the colourway for your own Supercaliber at

Mathias Fluekiger’s Thömus Lightrider Worldcup Ganbaru Limited Edition

bigquotes The Thömus Lightrider Worldcup Ganbaru is a very special bike that had to wait a long time to be used. It was developed in the last two years together with Math Flückiger, it is made for the really big challenges. Just “Ganbaru”. The Japanese mentality of resolutely battling your way through tough times, doing your best, pushing yourself to the limit – and beyond. In order to successfully complete the task at the end.Thömus

Learn more here.

Haley Smith & Peter Disera’s Team Canada Norco Revolvers

bigquotes The potential of The Games runs through the veins of every athlete who commits to the pursuit of gold – and when you’re one of the select few Canadians chosen every four years, those golden hopes, and the pride of your country, course through you like the veins of a maple leaf.

When Norco Factory Team XC riders Haley Smith and Peter Disera were selected to represent Canada in Tokyo, we wanted to do something to celebrate, and give these amazing athletes something special to commemorate their experience.

We transferred the excitement that comes with Norco’s first ever trip to The Games into the creative energy it took to imagine the visuals for these one-off Tokyo-bound XC machines.

To achieve this amazing effect, we spun maple into gold by plucking actual Canadian maple leaves and imprinting them on the aggressive lines of Haley and Peter’s Norco Revolver FS 100 and HT frames.

The finish was achieved by the skilled artists at VéloColour, and the results render a pearl golden-green organic leaf texture that shimmers over a clear coated carbon.

The frames were barely dry before being boxed up and whisked off with the hopes of a nation to surprise our two gold medal hopefuls, who are busy making their final preparations to take on the Izu MTB Course next week.

Norco Bicycles

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Bec McConnell & Dan McConnell Team Australia Mondraker Podiums

Dan has already made history this year as the first Australian mountain biker to be selected for four Olympic Games in 2008, 2012, 2016, and now 2020/1. Bec, also a multi-Olympian, is the first female mountain biker to represent Australia in three Games.

The blue-green and yellow colors on Bec’s and Dan’s bikes match their Australian national team jerseys and are meant to represent the country’s resources. Mondraker says yellow signifies beaches, mineral wealth, grain crops, and wool, while blue-green represents the ocean, eucalyptus and other forests, and pastures. The colors are also akin to Australia’s national flower, the golden wattle.

bigquotes There is no doubt that the personalized bikes with the national colours look spectacular and the occasion deserves it. Having three of our riders at the Tokyo Olympics is worthy of this and more. Now, let’s wait and hopefully see them at the top of the rankings, and if they can win a medal, even better!Mondraker

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Jofre Cullell’s Team Spain Mondraker Podium

22-year-old Spaniard Jofre Cullell will make his Olympic debut in Tokyo. Cullell’s bikes are painted to represent the Spanish flag. Legend says those colors come from Spain’s bullfighting tradition, but it’s not quite certain.

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Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, Filippo Colombo, and Elisabeth Brandau’s BMC Fourstrokes

BMC has created three special Olympic edition bikes for Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, Filippo Colombo, and Elisabeth Brandau, with splashes of their nation’s colours across the top tube – red, white and blue for France’s Ferrand-Prévot, red with a white cross for Switzerland’s Filippo Colombo, and yellow, black and red for Germany’s Elisabeth Brandau.

Get all the details on the three bikes here.

Anne Terpstra’s Ghost Lector

Kate Courtney & Nino Schurter’s Supersonic Scott Sparks

bigquotes Our Supersonic collection of products was developed with one thing in mind – pure race speed. When you’re up against the clock or your fiercest rivals, know that you have the necessary products to break all barriers.Scott Sports

See the Supersonic collection here.

Nadir Colledani’s Custom Olympic MMR Kenta

MMR’s hopes for success in Tokyo in 2021 will lie on the shoulders of Nadir Colledani. Colledani has been steadily improving all year with an18th, a 12th and then a 10th place finish in Les Gets. He’s clearly building form towards the Olympics in July and will be tackling the course on this custom bike provided by MMR. Let’s get into all the details. Take a closer look at the bike Nadir Colledani will be piloting in Tokyo.

bigquotes It couldn’t be otherwise, the base of the design of the bike is the blue savoy or azzurro savoia, which is the national color of Italy. This blue subtly degrades until it blends into the tone of the fork. The gloss lacquer contrasts with a series of traditional Japanese motifs finished in matte and which, together with other allusions to Olympic iconography, give context to the bicycle.Javier Gonzalez, Art Director at MMR Bikes

Learn more about Nadir Colledani’s MMR Kenta here.

Eva Lechner’s Trinx

Anne Tauber, Yana Belomoina & Sebastian Fini Carstensen’s American Eagle Atlanta 2.0s

Ondrej Cink’s Czech Kross

Linda Indergand’s Liv Pique