Review: Industry Nine’s More Affordable 101 Enduro S Wheelset

by | September 25, 2019

Industry Nine’s hand-built wheels are known as much for their sound as they are for their mix of stunning looks and durability. Oh, and they cost a pretty penny too. Today, the North Carolina wheelsmiths officially release the 101 – their first value-priced range wheelset. Industry Nine’s 101 wheelsets are built around their newest hubs by the same name, which use conventional J-bend spokes and feature a six-pawl freehub ratchet with four degrees of engagement. PB has been riding the 101 Enduro S wheels for some time, so we’re happy to break the news.

Meet Industry Nine’s New Wheels

If you have been lusting after a pair of I-Nine 310c wheels with multi-colored spokes and are having a hard time saving up the $2,800 asking price, the 101 wheelset can deliver almost all of the performance of that custom 310c build for a much more affordable $750.

101 Wheel Details

Rim: Aluminum, 28 hole 20mm profile
Inner width: 101 Trail – 27mm, 101 Enduro S – 30.5mm
Hub: Aluminum 101, standard, Boost and Super Boost Plus widths
Freehub: 4° engagement, SRAM XD, Standard, or Shimano MicroSpline
Rotors: 6-bolt or Centerlock (6-Bolt only – SBP)
Spokes: Sapim Race J-bend, 3X lacing, Aluminum nipples
Weight (pair): Enduro S: 27.5″ – 1700g, 29″ – 1900g. Trail: 27.5″ – 1650g, 29″ – 1900g
MSRP: $750 USD
Built in: Asheville, NC
Contact: Industry Nine

Yes, that’s for the pair. The 101 wheelset requires you to make some incremental sacrifices, like suffering with “only” four degrees of engagement (Hydra hubs engage at 0.52 degrees), and you’ll have to settle on black, stainless steel Sapim Race J-bend spokes instead of Industry Nine’s rainbow anodized aluminum offerings.

What you do get, is one of the best builds in the business, your choice of a 27-millimeter or a 30.5 millimeter inner width rims with the race-winning Industry Nine profile, a lightning-fast freehub and a durable tubeless wheelset that weighs about the same as most carbon offerings. Oh, and you get to hear that signature I-Nine whine while you are coasting.

101 Enduro S Key Features

From this point we’ll concentrate on the review of the 101 Enduro S wheels. Industry Nine’s crew has

fine tuned their building process, so we’ll consider that golden and give them the nod for the 101’s conservative ethos. All other components being equal, wheels made with steel J-bend spokes laced in a three-cross pattern have risen to the top of every comparison test for longevity. 101 Enduro S wheels use 28 of them each, with medium-height hub flanges that create a stronger bracing angle and help even out the left and right-side spoke tension. Industry Nine conspicuously ignores offset rim drilling and non-standard hub designs, relying upon experienced hands to build in proper spoke tension and trueness – backed up by a two year warranty.

Wide rims: The Enduro S rim width and profile are also conservatively crafted. Its 30.5 millimeter inner width is just right for popular 2.3 to 2.5 inch tire sizes, and I agree with Industry Nine’s choice of a 20-millimeter thick profile as a good balance between strength and compliance for aluminum rims. The rim flanges are a little thin for my tastes, which suggests that the extrusion may suffer minor dents should you need to carry speed through the boulders.

Easy for tubeless: A smooth plastic rim liner, aided by well-designed ramps guide the beads of troublesome tires up to the rim flanges with ease. They are easy wheels to air up. No need for tire levers or a booster pump.

Riding 101 Enduro S Wheels

Rather than wax on about speculative nuances, I’ll stick to the basic ride quality and durability of Industry Nine’s new Enduro wheels. For starters, I’ll repeat how easily I could air up Maxxis WT EXO casing Minion tires to the 30.5-millimeter 101 rims. No need to remove the valve cores, just inflate with a floor pump and the sometimes troublesome Minions trotted up to the rim flanges and snapped into place. I used my normal air pressure: 22 psi in the front and 24 out back with Stan’s sealant.

Feel: Honestly, the 101 Enduro S wheels don’t jump out with a single superlative – which to me can be an indication that the makers struck a good balance for weight, stiffness and compliance. The 101’s feel similar to Ibis’s carbon wheels – lightweight, quick steering, but mostly invisible because they feel right, and thus don’t do anything that deflects the rider’s attention from the task at hand.

Technical performance: I experienced no burped sealant and only a few rim-induced casing cuts

while I tried to beat the 101 rims up over San Diego’s granite boulders. Talking stiffness, the wheels definitely feel trustworthy in rough corners and down choppy lines. I expect lightweight aluminum wheels to flex a bit when jumping into rock gardens that I intended to double over. (I missed more than my share during this review.) I can say that some lateral flex was apparent, but not enough for concern. So far, the spoke tension is close to as-new, with the rear wheel showing some small dents and a millimeter or less of side play, which I may attend to when I switch the 101s to my next bike. Bottom line is that they are holding up very well.


+ Super fast engagement, great sound
+ Weight and feel of a good carbon wheelset
+ Durable, conservative build from world class wheelsmiths


May be a little light for aggressive enduro types.
Many options at this price point.

Pinkbike’s Take:

bigquotes There are a lot of good wheels in the $750 price range, but not very many of them come from the likes of Industry Nine. Industry Nine’s 101 Enduro S wheels deliver that pro feel and performance we expect from a world class builder, and they come with the assurance that the makers will back up your purchase should you need a repair or a rebuild down the road. That’s a good thing, because you’ll want to keep these wheels for a while.RC