Pinkbike Poll: What’s the Farthest You’ve Ever Ridden in 24 Hours?

by | May 29, 2020

If you set aside 24 hours to do nothing but ride your mountain bike, how far could you go? 100 miles? 200 miles? With the longest day of the year fast approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, more and more athletes are embarking on extra-long rides to see just how much vert and how many miles they can rack up in one day.

Last weekend saw a bumper crop of impressively long rides take place, inspired in part by Rebecca Rusch. She challenged riders to try and ride the equivalent elevation of Mount Everest (29,029 ft) in one day, on- or off-road, and hundreds of riders headed out to give it a try.

All-day rides aren’t for everyone – plenty of riders are perfectly content with heading out for an hour or two and calling it good – but there’s something special about settling in for a big mission. As fun as those quick rips can be, it’s on the mega rides where busy brains start to calm down as the focus turns to simply maintaining forward motion.

Epic rides have been a part of mountain biking ever since the sport began, and our roadie cousins have been doing endurance events for even longer. Back in the late 1800s, Madison Square Garden would be packed with spectators who showed up to watch six-day cycle races. Just like the name suggests, the races were six days long, 24 hours a day, and the rider that put in the most laps was the winner. As you can imagine, crashes were common as sleep-deprived riders began to lose focus.

This week’s poll is a chance to revisit your longest ride, to bring back the memories of the day that you went further than you ever had before. Not satisfied with your stats? That’s easy to fix – load up some food and water, hop on your bike, and see how far you can go.