Pinkbike Poll: How Do You Feel About eMTBs Today?

by | May 28, 2021

We’re seeing more and more e-bikes being released, and they’re starting to get past that awkward “What the hell are they?” phase. They’re clearly still a contentious issue, but I’m wondering if they’re slowly starting to gain acceptance. Clearly, Pinkbike commenters are universally reasonable, rational people with thoroughly thought-through opinions, but perhaps a few of you have softened your stance or changed your mind in the last few years.

We’ve turned of the eMTB filter for this one in order to get slightly less biased results. If you weren’t even aware there was a filter, you can read the details here. Also, consider the e-bikes referenced in this poll to be pedal powered, Class 1 models, not ones that have a throttle and don’t require any pedaling.

Bonus section: how do you feel about 29ers these days?