Liv Announces 29″ Aluminium Version of their Intrigue Trail Bike

by | August 4, 2020

I rode the 2019 Liv Intrigue when it launched in Squamish almost two years ago, and now the company has introduced an all-new version of the Intrigue with shorter travel, bigger wheels, and adjustable geometry. The Intrigue and Intrigue Advanced remain in the line with 27.5 inch wheels while two models of the Intrigue 29 are added in aluminium.

The Intrigue 29, Intrigue and Intrigue Advanced share in Liv’s 3F design philosophy and Giant’s Maestro suspension technology, however, the Intrigue 29 features a 140mm suspension fork and 125mm of rear suspension while the Intrigue and Intrigue Advanced offer 140/150mm of travel.

The Intrigue 29 also features a flip-chip which allows the rider to adjust the geometry. Riders can choose a high or low position to make the headtube and seattube angles steeper or slacker, and the bottom bracket height higher or lower. Depending on preference, riders can change the headtube (+/-0.7 degree) and seattube (+/-0.8 degree) angles steeper or slacker, and move the bottom bracket higher or lower (+/-10mm).


The Intrigue 29 is available in small, medium, and large sizes. The geometry does not accommodate a size XS frame with a 29-inch wheel. The Intrigue Advanced and Intrigue are each available in XS through size large. The Intrigue 29 is compatible with up to 2.5-inch tires while the Intrigue and Intrigue Advanced are compatible with up to 2.6-inch tires

bigquotes The Intrigue 29 was designed to be a hard-charging, versatile all-mountain trail bike that can tackle techy singletrack and aggressive terrain with ease. Now featuring 29-inch wheels and a flip-chip that allows riders to quickly adjust the geometry of the bike to better suit how and where they ride, Intrigue 29 is the go-to trail bike for climbing up or rolling over anything.Ludi Scholz, Liv global off-road category manager

Key Details:

• 29-inch wheels, compatible with up to 2.5-inch tires
• Tubeless wheelset and tires
• Boost hub technology
• Flip-chip allows the rider to adjust the geometry
• Trunnion shock mount
• Giant’s Maestro suspension technology (140mm suspension fork and 125mm of rear suspension)
• Advanced Forged Composite linkage
• Liv’s all-new Sylvia saddle
• 1×12 drivetrain
• Two new models: Intrigue 29 1 and Intrigue 29 2
• Intrigue 29 2 starting at $3000 USD

The Intrigue 29 will be available worldwide this summer. Learn more at