Lewis Buchanan Sustained Sacral & Coccyx Fractures In Hardline Crash

by | July 29, 2021

Lewis Buchanan finished 12th in Red Bull Hardline with a time of 2:45.816, but he’s now announced that the crash he suffered in practice left him with a small sacral fracture & a coccyx fracture.

bigquotes This news is honestly not a surprise to me after how hard I hit the ground last week & how tough it was for me to put together a run at Red Bull Hardline. The aching has not really eased off since (I was hoping it would so I gave it a chance) so I went and got checked out. I had an X-ray and CT scan and they have said I do have a small sacral fracture & a coccyx fracture. It’s nothing crazy bad though as I could have come away a lot worse, this is just a little bump in road. Luckily the process involves nothing other than to rest up, go through some therapy if I feel I need it & they had no doubt I’ll be back fast! It’s all pain management and it’s my body and only I know how it feels really so once the aching is going away then I’ll get back to shredding hard.Lewis Buchanan

We wish Buchanan the best of luck with his recovery.