Florent Payet Announces his Retirement from World Cup Racing

by | June 20, 2022

2003 would see me take off on the world cups series for the very first time, a dream of mine since I was a kid!

Looking back at that first race now it’s seems like a lifetime ago since it all started.

After 18 seasons, 9 world champs , 4 european champ with 3 wins, 97 Worldcup finals, hundreds of plane tickets and way to many good memories, i’m still here! It saddens me to say that I’ve decided it’s time hang up the race bike and move my focus into other aspects within the team, there is 5 more world cup races left for me and I’m going to love every second of them and before I go i’ll try to reach those 100 Worldcup finals

To all the people around me asking if it’s a joke.. it’s not, I’ve put a lot of thought into this life choice and i know it’s time announce my retirement from World Cup racing. Hard decision, but nothing will change besides not being at the highest level, I grow up with a bike and i will continue ride and race my bike at other amazing events!

I feel now that I have more to bring to my team in a performance, planning and coaching role to help everyone on the team get the most out of their racing carrer.
I am also exciting that I will continue race, test, and develop the SCOTT bike to help the team to be even stronger.

I would love to thank with all the emotions you can feel in those words all the people that have supported me and have made my dreams become reality and continue to give me the opportunity to keep living it.

Thank you first to my family, step family (they are recognised all around the wolrd), the amazing people I met during all my carreer, the brands who have trusted me along my carreer, specially @bikeonscott who trusted @patrice.afflatet and myself to build one of the biggest teams on the World Cup circuit.

Lastly a massive thanks Patrice Afflatet with who i race 39 world cup and of course my amazing girlfriend @anne.fst and parents @francois.payet.180

To all the friends and fans I have made all over the world, thanks guys for sharing this with me, it is and will always be amazing to have you in my heart forever.
Thank you!