First Look: PNW Components’ Suspension Dropper Post and Gravel Line – Pond Beaver 2021

by | April 12, 2021

PNW Components have solidified themselves as a popular brand in the mountain bike scene, and now they’re branching out a bit, offering components for our drop-bar compadres. While Pinkbike is a mountain bike site, we do share the sentiment that PNW did in their press release that, “biking is just another excuse to hang out with our friends” and that said, a lot of mountain bikers do cross over to the curly bars from time to time.

There are four components in the gravel line, a handlebar, stem, dropper post, and suspension dropper post.

The Coast Suspension Dropper is a different take on a dropper post by combining suspension with drop. The post functions as a standard dropper post would, but it adds in 40mm of tunable air suspension delivered via a dual chamber hydraulic cartridge. It’s designed to help take care of larger impacts before they wreak havoc on a rider’s skeletal system.

The post comes in 100mm of travel for a 27.2mm size and 120mm of travel for 30.9 and 31.6 diameters. It sells for $179 and $199 USD respectively.

The Coast handlebar is designed to be extra wide for better stability, control and more comfort – all helpful for those who like to take their bikes onto more technical terrain. The bar is available in 480mm and 520mm widths with a 105mm drop and 20-degrees of flare. It sells for $69.

The Coast stem was made to match smoothly with the handlebar and is a good option for not only gravel but also XC. It has a stack height of 38mm and is available in 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, and 100mm lengths and weighs 111g in the shortest and 136g in the longest. It also sells for $69.

The Rainier 27.2mm dropper features 125mm of travel, quite a lot for a 27.2″ post. It also has tool-less travel adjust just as the more aggressive Rainier Gen 3 posts do. The post sells for $199.