First Look: Cavalerie’s Blackbird Carbon Gearbox Bike – Garda Trentino 2019

by | May 9, 2019

We tested Cavaleire’s Anakin, a French-made, alloy Effigear gearbox bike a few years ago. Now, the French company is finalizing their 29″-wheeled 160mm carbon enduro bike, the Blackbird.

The bike is built around the French-made Effigear gearbox.

Cavalerie wanted to build a carbon bike over three years ago, however, the conundrum with carbon for Cavalerie was sourcing the the right carbon fiber. According to Cavaleire’s David Roumeas, in keeping with the spirit of the rest of the bike, gearbox included, they wanted to get the carbon from France, which proved to be a challenge.

Cavalerie were able to find a carbon expert along with a 3D printing expert, and then experimented with different designs before investing in the tooling. Now, after finding the correct materials and process, and with everything in place, their supply chain is said to be short and efficient.

The team at Cavalerie have been testing samples of the Blackbird for a year at this point and are now working on production tooling. They expect to have production bikes shipping this fall.

Batch runs for the Blackbird will be small, 5-10 bikes at a time, and Cavalerie is accepting pre-orders now. The bike will come standard with a Fast and Formula suspension set up, but there will be the option for a Fox build as well. The bike will be priced starting at $8,300 EUR. This already includes the French VAT.

The gearbox is shifted with a standard SRAM trigger shifter.