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Pro Men

1st. Adrien Loron
2nd. Austin Warren
3rd. Tomas Lemoine
4th. Kyle Strait

Pro Women

1st. Kialani Hines
2nd. Mathilde Bernard
3rd. Vanessa Kager
4th. Anneke Beerten

Full results here.

Fantasy Update: Due to a technical difficulty and players only having 20 minutes to change their teams ahead of the RockShox Innsbruck Pump Track Challenge, we have decided not to count the points from Pump Track towards the overall. Dual Slalom, Speed & Style, Slopestyle, and DH will be the only events that help get you closer to a trip to Whistler.

You can head to the Crankworx Fantasy page now to get your team dialed before the Mons Royale Speed & Style Innsbruck broadcast to get as many points as possible. What are you waiting for? Don’t you want a chance to win a trip to Whistler?

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx