Final Results: Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Champs 2019

by | September 1, 2019

The full results are in from Mont-Saint-Anne and wow what a race! In the Elite Men’s the final riders put everything into their runs and it seemed like each run would be impossible to beat. It was Loic Bruni who would emerge the victor and take another World Champs title. The silver medal would go to Troy Brosnan who was in touching distance of gold but would have to settle for 2nd position, only

back. Amaury Pierron could not match the top two riders’ pace being over two seconds back but he still laid down a run deserving of the bronze medal.

In the Elite Women’s it would be the riders fresh from injury that would dominate the day with Myriam Nicole taking the rainbow jersey closely followed by Tahnee Seagrave. Hot on their heels and coming off two World Cup wins, Marine Cabirou takes the bronze medal in Mont-Sainte-Anne. For the Juniors, Vali Höll took her final World Champion title as a Junior and the Australian Kye A’Hern secured an impressive gold medal result.

Live Race Updates:

8:40 am PDT: Elite Women will be on track soon and with both Myriam Nicole and Tahnee Seagrave back from injury we are in for some exciting racing.

9:48 am PDT: The first Elite Women should be hitting the track in around 10 minutes time.

9:56 am PDT: Steffanie Grossmann is the first rider on track today.

10:03 am PDT: Frida Helena Ronning currently sits in the hot seat after the initial four riders with a time of 5:29.262.

10:04 am PDT: Samantha Soriano goes faster by just under a second. Caroline Washam, Vaea Verbeeck and Miranda Miller are all on track what can they do today?

10:05 am PDT: Caroline Washam goes third, 6.940 seconds off Soriano’s time.

10:06 am PDT: Vaea Verbeeck smashes the top time by over 16 seconds to take the lead.

10:07 am PDT: Miranda Miller can’t match the speed of the Queen of Crankworx and sits second, 5.553 back.

10:09 am PDT: Myriam Nicole is on a great run and looks to be over ten seconds up at the third split.

10:11 am PDT: Nicole goes fastest by nearly 19 seconds! She beats her own fastest qualifying time and Vali Höll’s winning time from earlier today.

10:14 am PDT: Sandra Rubesam falls just outside the top three with a time of 5:19.031.

10:15 am PDT: After a big case on the final jump Mariana Salazar falls into eighth place.

10:18 am PDT: Carina Cappellari pushes Miranda Miller out of the top three as she takes third. 23 seconds back from Nicole’s time of 4:53.226.

10:20 am PDT: Sian A’Hern is the next rider to take over the bronze medal position. Vaea Verbeeck is still the only rider to get within 20 seconds of Myriam Nicole.

10:21 am PDT: Monika Hrastnik has a small crash and loses her chance at a medal today.

10:22 am PDT: Hrastnik goes into seventh place.

10:23 am PDT: Melanie Chappaz is second at split two, can she hold her speed to the bottom and take the silver medal position?

10:23 am PDT: By 0.674 Chappaz takes second position. France has both the gold and silver medal positions at the moment but next up is Tahnee Seagrave.

10:25 am PDT: Tahnee Seagrave goes second by just 1.204! Myriam Nicole has laid down an amazing run today.

10:27 am PDT: Emilie Siegenthaler comes close to the top two but crosses the line in the bronze medal position, five seconds off the pace.

10:30 am PDT: There are now only five women remaining as Kate Weatherly has not started her race run.

10:33 am PDT: Eleonora Farina takes fourth place with four riders left at the top.

10:36 am PDT: Camille Balanche runs wide and leaves the track!

10:37 am PDT: Balanche regains some time at the bottom and finishes 15th.

10:39 am PDT: With three riders left the medal positions are: 1st. Myriam Nicole // 2nd. Tahnee Seagrave: +1.204 // 3rd. Emilie Siegenthaler: +5.391 //

10:40 am PDT: Veronika Widmann is just over two seconds back from the bronze medal position at split three.

10:41 am PDT: A huge crash from Widmann, she looks to be okay and is getting back onto her bike.

10:42 am PDT: Marine Cabirou is coming off two World Cup wins and is second at the first split.

10:43 am PDT: Cabirou is 1.314 back at split two.

10:43 am PDT: She loses more time at split three going nearly three seconds off Myriam Nicole.

10:45 am PDT: Marine Cabirou takes third place, 1.694 seconds back.

10:45 am PDT: Only Tracey Hannah can beat Myriam Nicole now. Both Myriam Nicole and Tahnee Seagrave will get medals in their first race back from injury.

10:48 am PDT: Hannah is three seconds back at split three, she will make time up on the final jump but this may be too much to pull back before the finish line.

10:49 am PDT: Tracey Hannah goes fourth. Myriam Nicole is the new World Champion!

11:00 am PDT The Elite Men are now on track, will we see another French rider take the rainbow jersey?

11:04 am PDT Jose Garcia Ramirez sets the first time of the day with a 5:12.320.

11:06 am PDT Yannick Wende is the next man to reach the bottom and goes straight into first by over 19 seconds.

11:09 am PDT Matthias Hafner goes fastest beating Wende by another 19 seconds.

11:12 am PDT Hugo Langevin takes the hot seat by just over sixteen seconds with Japan’s Yuki Kushima taking the bronze medal position.

11:13 am PDT Matthew Walker is down early but he takes the top time so far, 5.164 seconds up.

11:17 am PDT Stanislav Sehnal goes third just under ten seconds back from Walker.

11:19 am PDT The next rider down is Wyn Master who can’t quite match the fastest time but crosses the line fourth at this early stage in the race

11:19 am PDT Another New Zealand rider is up next with EWS racer Keegan Wright.

11:20 am PDT Wright goes under 20 seconds back and into 6th.

11:24 am PDT Max Hertenstern has a great run to finish fourth.

11:26 am PDT Bruce Klein goes fastest through the speed trap and into the bronze medal position.

11:30 am PDT Brendan Fairclough is back on good form on the new Gambler and takes fourth just outside of the medal positions.

11:34 am PDT Magnus Manson performs on home soil and just falls behind Brendan Fairclough’s time to take fifth position.

11:36 am PDT The British rider Greg Williamson has an incredible run that sits him in the silver medal position.

11:37 am PDT Florent Payet’s back wheel is obliterated on the Steve Smith drop.

11:39 am PDT Canada’s Kirk McDowall pips fellow countryman Hugo Langevin for the bronze medal position.

11:40 am PDT Hugo Frixtalon is another fast young rider performing well today as he goes fourth fastest.

11:42 am PDT Martin Maes can’t repeat his past DH performances and goes fifth with 36 riders left.

11:43 am PDT Sam Blenkinsop has an issue and looks to be slowly rolling down the track.

11:46 am PDT Matthew Walker’s time is looking great so far with no riders coming within two seconds of the time after over 20 riders.

11:49 am PDT Jack Moir is back with a time that places him fifth.

11:51 am PDT The Denim Destroyer has a flat tyre and ends his chances at a big result today.

12:05 am PDT Next up is Aaron Gwin, can he take his first World Champs title?

12:09 am PDT Gwin is back but pulls back time at the third split.

12:10 am PDT He couldn’t quite catch Walker but he finishes in second place with 20 riders left.

12:13 am PDT Dakotah Norton is green at split two and three!

12:14 am PDT Norton goes over a second up at the fourth split.

12:15 am PDT Matthew Walker is finally dethroned as Dakotah Norton takes the hot seat by 1.458.

12:18 am PDT Charlie Harrison goes three seconds back to make it three USA riders in the top five.

12:20 am PDT We are in a sea of American riders as Luca Shaw slots into 2nd place, less than a second off the gold medal.

12:21 am PDT Finn Iles is over a second up at split two.

12:22 am PDT Iles crosses the line fastest!

12:29 am PDT Mark Wallace goes into third, making it two Canadians in the top three with 13 riders left.

12:32 am PDT Connor Fearon gets a flat tyre at the bottom of the track.

12:37 am PDT The British Matt Walker couldn’t match the leaders pace and sits 15th.

12:42 am PDT Dean Lucas is almost a second faster at the first split.

12:44 am PDT His lead is down to just 0.054 seconds at the next split.

12:44 am PDT Lucas is back at split three.

12:46 am PDT Massive crash in the rock garden, he is back on the bike and looks okay.

12:49 am PDT David Trummer is off the pace today and fits into 11th position.

12:54 am PDT Greg Minnaar is fastest at the first split.

12:55 am PDT Greg Minnaar takes the gold medal position by nearly two seconds after an incredible run!

12:59 am PDT Laurie Greenland was behind at the first two splits but takes the lead by the third.

13:00 am PDT Greenland can’t match Minnaar and falls nearly two seconds back by the time he crosses the line.

13:06 am PDT Amaury Pierron is up at split four by just 0.170.

13:07 am PDT Pierron goes fastest but now Danny Hart is nearly a second up at the first split, this is crazy!

13:09 am PDT Hart is still a second up at split three.

13:10 am PDT Danny Hart just misses out on the top spot by 0.256.

13:10 am PDT Troy Brosnan is now one second up at split one, can he hold it to the bottom?

13:13 am PDT Brosnan is over two and a half seconds in the green!

13:13 am PDT ‘Mr Consistent’, Troy Brosnan takes the gold medal position by nearly two seconds! But can Loic Bruni beat him?

13:16 am PDT Loic Bruni is now over half a second up at split three.

13:17 am PDT Loic Bruni takes another World Champion title!