Final Results – EWS Zermatt 2019

by | September 21, 2019

The results are in from Zermatt, Isabeau Courdurier and Sam Hill are your 2019 EWS Champions. Isabeau Courdurier becomes the second person ever to achieve a perfect season (Cecile Ravanel was the first in 2018 ) and Sam Hill is the first man in the history of the EWS to win three series titles. 2019 has been an amazing season of racing with plenty of drama both on and off the track.

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 43:56.57
2nd. Andreane Lanthier Nadeau: 44:27.92
3rd. Raphaela Richter: 45:26.99
4th. Ines Thoma: 45:33.88
5th. Anita Gehrig: 46:27.88

1st. Martin Maes: 37:37.02
2nd. Sam Hill: 37:49.65
3rd. Richie Rude: 38:14.70
4th. Kevin Miquel: 38:15.35
5th. Florian Nicolai: 38:31.21

Live Stage Updates:



Stage Updates

2:20 am PDT Riders are now making their way to the first stage of the day. We are in for quite a fight between Florian Nicolai and Sam Hill for the overall, it is going to be very tight between these two.

2:44 am PDT Laura Charles currently leads the Women on the first stage of the day with a time of 9:39.58.

2:53 am PDT Melanie Pugin has a great run and takes the top time so far by over a second. This moves Laura Charles into second and Raphaela Richter sits in third.

2:54 am PDT Ella Conolly is back between the tape this weekend and goes fourth so far on stage one.

2:55 am PDT The home soil advantage is paying off for Caro Gehrig as she goes fastest.

2:56 am PDT Racers are coming in fast now with Rae Morrison laying down a blistering first stage topping Caro Gehrig by over seven seconds.

2:57 am PDT The times are really falling with Ines Thoma going 10 seconds quicker than Morrison. Anita Gehrig just pips Caro for third place.

2:58 am PDT It’s now Andreane Lanthier Nadeau’s (ALN) turn to take the top spot as she goes two seconds faster than Thoma.

3:00 am PDT Series Winner Isabeau Courdurier has no pressure this weekend but that doesn’t seem to be holding her back on a new prototype Intense as she goes fastest. We are still waiting for Noga Korem’s time.

3:05 am PDT It looks like Korem must have had a problem as she finishes the first stage in 30th place.

3:05 am PDT In the Men’s race Gabriel Torralba Garasa currently leads on Stage One.

3:11 am PDT Martin Maes goes into the lead by 17 seconds, it will be interesting to see if Maes can find his early-season speed this weekend ahead of the Trophy of Nations next weekend.

3:12 am PDT Hugo Pigeon just beats fellow Frenchman Youn Deniaud to take second place but he is still over 10 seconds off the time of Maes.

3:14 am PDT Thomas Lapeyrie finishes the first stage in third, nearly 13 seconds off the top time so far.

3:18 am PDT Shawn Neer and Gustav Wildhaber are the first rider to come within ten seconds of Maes but they are still seven seconds off the pace. Maes’ time is looking good so far.

3:21 am PDT Matthew Walker has a great first stage and now sits third, 7.82 behind Maes.

3:22 am PDT Richie Rude has been charging hard since his return from suspension but even he can’t match Martin Maes on today’s first stage going 7.43 back and into third position.

3:25 am PDT Kevin Miquel comes the closest to Maes so far but amazingly there is still a six-second gap to the Belgian rider.

3:27 am PDT Sam Hill means business today and although he couldn’t match Maes he takes second place on the first stage with Florian Nicolai all the way back in 10th.

Stage One Results

Pro Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 9:14.65
2nd. ALN: +1.85
3rd. Ines Thoma: +4.08
4th. Morgane Charre: +14.27
5th. Rae Morrison: +14.28
6th. Anita Gehrig: +20.18
7th. Caro Gehrig: +21.68
8th. Melanie Pugin: +23.78
9th. Laura Charles: +24.93
10th. Raphaela Richter: +25.23

Pro Men

1st. Martin Maes: 7:55.90
2nd. Sam Hill: +6.23
3rd. Kevin Miquel: +6.63
4th. Shawn Neer: +7.10
5th. Richie Rude: +7.43
6th. Matthew Walker: +7.82
7th. Gustav Wildhaber: +7.99
8th. Jesse Melamed: +8.68
9th. Dimitri Tordo: +9.28
10th. Florian Nicolai: +9.60


Stage Updates

3:32 am PDT Chloe Taylor currently leads stage two as we wait for the rest of the Pro Women to begin their runs. It appears that Noga Korem has a broken freehub after stage one and she will be running to stage two and will be going chainless on the next two stages.

3:44 am PDT Raphaela Richter may have crashed on stage one but she is back in business as she takes the lead by over 20 seconds.

3:47 am PDT Katy Winton is another rider finding some speed on stage two as she goes into second place.

3:48 am PDT Becky Cook has an amazing run on the second stage of the day and comes the closest to Richter so far, only ten seconds back.

3:49 am PDT Anita Gehrig backs up a strong results on stage one with a ride that puts her within four seconds of Richter. Morganne Charre manages to go into third place so far with Innes Thoma slotting into fourth seven seconds back.

3:50 am PDT ALN takes the lead by over three seconds!

3:51 am PDT But that still isn’t enough to stop Isabeau Courdurier, she takes the stage lead by an incredible 11 seconds.

3:57 am PDT Gabriel Torralba Garasa once again leads the men as we wait for the rest of the field to hit stage two.

4:04 am PDT Martin Maes takes an early lead with a 9-second gap back to Youn Deniaud in second position.

4:09 am PDT Shawn Neer just makes it into the top three with a 13-second deficit to Maes.

4:10 am PDT Jesse Melamed was looking fast on stage two in practice and his race run appears to be even quicker as he takes third place.

4:13 am PDT Richie Rude manages to come the closest to Maes but there is still a five-second gap, Maes is looking to be on top form today.

4:15 am PDT Kevin Miquel finished the second stage of the day third so far, another great result for the French rider.

4:16 am PDT Sam Hill goes third, where will Florian Nicolai finish?

4:17 am PDT Nicolai finishes 15th, around 12 seconds behind Hill. It is beginning to look like the title might go to Sam Hill.

Stage Two Results

Pro Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 7:15.65
2nd. ALN: +11.60
3rd. Raphaela Richter: +14.86
4th. Anita Gehrig: +18.48
5th. Morgane Charre: +19.35
6th. Ines Thoma: +22.07
7th. Becky Cook: +24.93
8th. Katy Winton: +34.70
9th. Chloe Taylor: +34.95
10th. Rae Morrison: +36.92

Pro Men

1st. Martin Maes: 5:55.54
2nd. Richie Rude: +5.11
3rd. Sam Hill: +7.52
4th. Kevin Miquel: +8.83
5th. Youn Deniaud: +9.73
6th. Jesse Melamed: +10.25
7th. Shawn Neer: +13.86
8th. Gabriel Torralba Garasa: +14.93
9th. Dimitri Tordo: +15.24
10th. Adrien Dailly: +17.02

Overall After Stage Two

Pro Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 16:30.30
2nd. ALN: 16:43.75
3rd. Ines Thoma: 16:56.42

Pro Men

1st. Martin Maes: 13:51.44
2nd. Richie Rude: 14:03.98
3rd. Sam Hill: 14:05.19


Stage Updates

4:22 am PDT As we move onto the third stage of the day Laura Rossin currently leads with a time of 9:34.15.

4:54 am PDT As the final riders attack the third stage of the day Raphaela Richter leads by an impressive 30 seconds!

4:55 am PDT Melanie Pugin finishes stage three 12 seconds back and into second place.

4:58 am PDT Rae Morrison manages to top Richter’s time by four seconds and Katy Winton goes across the line third, six seconds off the pace.

5:00 am PDT Ines Thoma goes into first place with a time of 8:48.85 and ALN quickly follows behind with a gap of around 8 seconds.

5:03 am PDT It’s another stage win for Isabeau Courdurier as she goes almost ten seconds faster. What a day for the 2019 series champion.

5:12 am PDT Now it’s the men’s turn of stage three and the current fastest riders are: 1st. Gabriel Torralba Garasa // 2nd. Damien Oton // 3rd. Bart De Vocht //

5:14 am PDT Martin Maes will not be taking the win on stage three as he goes fourth, seven seconds back. Mark Scott has a rapid run that puts him five seconds off the current leader.

5:20 am PDT Shawn Neer takes the lead on stage three with an impressive 9.35 second gap back to 2nd.

5:25 am PDT Another fast time for Matt Walker as he finishes the third stage of the day in 2nd, eight seconds behind the leader.

5:26 am PDT Remi Gauvin has had a slow start today but a current second place should move him up the ranks.

5:27 am PDT Florian Nicolai finishes the third stage 2.54 back from Neer, he will need to push hard to secure the overall.

5:28 am PDT Wow, Sam Hill is on fire today! After two top-three finishes, Hill takes the win on stage three.

Stage Three Results

Pro Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 8:39.00
2nd. Ines Thoma: +9.85
3rd. ALN: +17
4th. Rae Morrison: +20.66
5th. Raphaela Richter: +24.97
6th. Katy Winton: +27.37
7th. Melanie Pugin: +37.17
8th. Morgane Charre: +41.85
9th. Caro Gehrig: +42.42
10th. Anita Gehrig: +45.66

Pro Men

1st. Sam Hill: 7:19.10
2nd. Shawn Neer: +1.55
3rd. Florian Nicolai: +4.09
4th. Kevin Miquel: +4.44
5th. Remi Gauvin: +8.97
6th. Matthew Walker: +9.55
7th. Gabriel Torralba Garasa: +10.90
8th. Damien Oton: +11.02
9th. Gustav Wildhaber: +11.43
10th. Hugo Pigeon: +12.57

Overall After Stage Three

Pro Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 25:09.30
2nd. ALN: 25:39.75
3rd. Ines Thoma: 25:45.27

Pro Men

1st. Sam Hill: 21:24.29
2nd. Martin Maes: 21:28.46
3rd. Kevin Miquel: 21:30.44


Stage Updates

6:00 am PDT As we wait for the rest of the Pro Women to hit stage four the current top five is: 1st. Laura Rossin // 2nd. Laura Charles // 3rd. Martha Gill // 4th. Chloe Taylor // 5th. Morgane Jonnier //

7:02 am PDT The final Pro Women are now hitting the bottom of stage four and Raphaela Richter currently leads with a gap of 11.36 back to Melanie Pugin in second place.

7:04 am PDT Katy Winton crosses the line on the penultimate stage of the day third, nearly 20 seconds behind Richter.

7:06 am PDT Becky Cook passes Winton’s time to slot into third.

7:08 am PDT Anita Gehrig is another rider to go into third but Ines Thoma makes it a German one-two as she goes six seconds back on Richter.

7:09 am PDT Noga Korem is back up to speed after a serious mechanical on stage one and takes the lead on stage four.

7:09 am PDT But it is not enough to stop Courdurier as she takes the win by the smallest of margins! 0.08 seconds means it’s another stage win for the 2019 series champion.

7:14 am PDT As we move across to the men it’s Theo Galy that leads on stage four with a time of 7:51.57.

7:20 am PDT Martin Maes pulls out another great performance with a 24 second lead of Galy and secures the stage lead for now. Florian Nicolai will be looking to gain some time back on this second to last stage, if he can close the gap and take the win on the Queen stage the overall could still be his.

7:23 am PDT Thomas Lapeyrie comes the closest so far to Maes but it is still over 20 seconds off the Belgian.

7:27 am PDT Gustav Wildhaber becomes the first to break the 20-second mark on Maes’ time, we still have some of the top riders to come so it could still be beatable.

7:31 am PDT Richie Rude looks to have recovered from his 18th place finish on stage three and currently finishes the fourth stage of the day in second. 14.83 behind Maes.

7:34 am PDT Martin Maes wins stage four but it is a disaster for the series leaders with a 7th place for Sam Hill and 15th for Florian Nicolai.

Stage Four Results

Pro Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 8:54.57
2nd. Noga Korem: +0.08
3rd. ALN: +4.45
4th. Raphaela Richter: +21.18
5th. Ines Thoma: +27.99
6th. Anita Gehrig: +31.56
7th. Melanie Pugin: +32.54
8th. Becky Cook: +37.08
9th. Katy Winton: +40.48
10th. Morgane Charre: +48.80

Pro Men

1st. Martin Maes: 7:26.74
2nd. Richie Rude: +14.83
3rd. Gustav Wildhaber: +17.12
4th. Thomas Lapeyrie: +23.54
5th. Kevin Miquel: +23.86
6th. Dimitri Tordo: +24.13
7th. Sam Hill: +24.64
8th. Theo Galy: +24.83
9th. Youn Deniaud: +24.96
10th. Matthew Walker: +26.55

Overall After Stage Four

Pro Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 34:03.87
2nd. ALN: 34:38.77
3rd. Ines Thoma: 35:07.83

Pro Men

1st. Martin Maes: 28:55.20
2nd. Sam Hill: 29:15.67
3rd. Kevin Miquel: 29:21.04


Stage Updates

7:39 am PDT As we get to the final stage of the day things couldn’t be much closer in the Pro Men’s, despite having a lead of 24 seconds if Florian Nicolai takes the win on the Queen stage he could still secure the overall.

7:42 am PDT But first, it’s back to the Pro Women where Laure Charles leads once again as we wait for the final women to complete their runs. The last riders should start to post times in around 10 to 15 minutes time.

8:18 am PDT Melanie Pugin goes all out on the final stage putting a 20 second lead on Charles.

8:19 am PDT Raphaela Richter goes one better and somehow finds another 32 seconds!

8:22 am PDT Both Bex Baraona and Rae Morrison can’t come within 30 seconds of Richter as they slot into 2nd and 3rd respectively.

8:24 am PDT Katy Winton comes the closest so far to the leading German rider, will anyone have an answer for Richter’s blistering run.

8:24 am PDT ALN goes seven seconds faster! All the riders are really putting it all on the line to put this much time into each other.

8:25 am PDT Isabeau Courdurier and Noga Korem can’t match ALN as the Canadian takes the win.

8:32 am PDT With the Women’s racing all wrapped up we move to the men and we have quite a fight on our hands. It looks like Sam Hill needs to stay in 2nd or higher to win his third series title otherwise if Florian Nicolai manages to move up to 5th then he will take the title. This is going to be close.

8:38 am PDT Martin Maes goes fastest on stage 5 but it is only by four seconds.

8:54 am PDT Richie Rude goes into third place, nearly ten seconds back from Maes.

9:02 am PDT Sam Hill goes fastest on the Queen stage!

9:06 am PDT Florian Nicolai finishes fifth, but who takes the overall?

9:07 am PDT Sam Hill secures his third overall title!

Stage Five Results

Pro Women

1st. ALN: 9:49.15
2nd. Isabeau Courdurier: +3.55
3rd. Raphaela Richter: +7.73
4th. Noga Korem: +16.84
5th. Katy Winton: +35.40
6th. Ines Thoma: +36.90
7th. Morgane Charre: +37.68
8th. Bex Baraona: +37.95
9th. Anita Gehrig: +38.98
10th. Becky Cook: +39.49

Pro Men

1st. Sam Hill: 8:33.98
2nd. Martin Maes: +7.84
3rd. Youn Deniaud: +12.74
4th. Richie Rude: +17.32
5th. Florian Nicolai: +17.41
6th. Zakarias Blom Johansen: +18.66
7th. Kevin Miquel: +20.33
8th. Dimitri Tordo: +21.95
9th. Matthew Walker: +22.54
10th. Adrien Dailly: +24.15