Field Trip: 10 Value Bikes Hucked to Flat In Slow Motion (1000FPS)

by | May 20, 2021

 @SuperHighBeam: Pinion has said they couldn’t use helical gears because of the lateral loads they exert.

There are three main issues with Pinon’s design that contributes to its drag:

1. Large double seal on chainring. Since it drives a chainring concentric with the cranks, but the cranks and chainring spin at different speeds, a large seal is needed on each side of the ring. If you take that seal off, drag is noticeably reduced (until all the oil leaks out of your transmission, that is).
2. Multi-staged design. The Pinion (the 18 speed version) is a 6 speed gearset with two overdrives. Once you leave the lowest 6 gears, you’re in an overdrive with an additional 4 gears being engaged, increasing drag.
3. Fixed gears on main shaft. The gears on the main shaft that are connected to the crankarms are fixed, always. The counter shaft has free floating gears that are engaged with pawls. That means when you’re in a specific gear, only one gear on the countershaft transmits torque back to the main shaft, but all the gears in the whole transmission are still spinning. This is probably one of the greatest sources of drag.

Interestingly, the Effigear approach mostly solves the first two problems, but no one cares about it because its always on ugly frames.