AbsoluteBlack Launches New Graphene Infused Chain Lube at $150 a Bottle

by | June 22, 2020

AbsoluteBlack, a company that has become well known for its oval chainrings, have launched a chain lube that uses graphene which they claim makes it market-leading.

AbsoluteBlack’s first lubricant has taken two years of research with several of their own patents being secured before bringing it to market. The all-new wax-based chain lube called GRAPHENlube is claimed by the brand to be both the world’s fastest and longest-lasting lube and it is also, interestingly, completely black when it is applied to your chain.

bigquotes It took us two years to find the right ratio of crumpled to non-crumpled graphene, size of graphene platelets, dispersion rate of agglomerates, concentration and finally figuring out a low friction hydrocarbon emulsion base that will stay on the chain for very long time and not chip away like paraffin wax is known for. The end result is a lubricant that on a single application will hold sub 5 Watts of frictional losses over 900km distance.AbsoluteBlack

Absolute Black are pulling no punches with their claims on this one and have published the below video that compares the lube directly to Muc Off’s Hydrodynamic lube, which was developed with Team Sky and also claims to be the best on the market for efficiency.

AbsoluteBlack says their new product is a “hydrocarbon-based water emulsion, containing graphene that exhibits extraordinary durability at single application whilst maintaining impressively low friction for a prolonged period of time in both wet and dry conditions.” When producing the new chain lube AbsoluteBlack have ensured it is completely free of any potentially harmful solvents and it is easy to apply as a liquid but it will turn solid as it dries into the chain. This solidification is to allow it to become more resistant to water washing it off or it becoming contaminated with other materials during your ride.

All this for $15

So it may save you watts but will it save you pennies? Absolutely not. GRAPHENlube is currently only being produced in small numbers and will be available for just a limited period of time once each batch has been produced. For this reason, AbsoluteBlack will only be selling the product directly. For just a 14ml bottle it will be $15 / £12 / €13, while the more standard size of 140ml will be a staggering $150 / £115 / €130. For comparison, the Muc Off Hydrodynamic lube shown in their test video cost £18 for the 50ml.

You can find out more about AbsoluteBlack’s GRAPHENlube here.