2020 Pinkbike Awards: Video of the Year Winner

by | December 26, 2020

Video of the Year Winner

2020’s Video of the Year nominees included a ton of heavy-hitting content. From the full-on shredit to in-depth narrative pieces, there was something for everyone. But, only one edit can come out on top.

Tom Van Steenbergen in “Wild West”

Why it’s the winner.

It was a tight battle this year with 3-4 videos that really stood from the pack and pushed the sport into new territory. However, it was Wild West that came out on top. Tom and Calvin have combined mind-blowing riding with unique visuals that left us with a video that will surely stand the test of time. Congratulations to Tom, Calvin, and everyone behind this video. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Reader’s Choice

We don’t always see eye to eye so we asked you who should take top honors and the results are in.

Hugo Frixtalon & Thomas Estaque in “Hurricane”

Clearly, we have some secret Trap Lords in our audience. Even if you aren’t a fan of the music you can’t argue that this video makes you want to ride your bike, which is exactly what a video should do. It’s been awesome to see Commencal put so much effort into their original content and it’s obviously resonating with our audience.