15-Minute Yoga Sequence To Improve T-Spine Mobility

by | December 29, 2020

“It’s not the will to win that matters. Everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win.” Paul Bryant

Slow down footage of any of the top DH or Enduro riders coming down the hill, and look at the body positions required to keep the bike upright over that terrain, at those speeds. Then ask yourself honestly, can your body do that—comfortably, quickly and with precision? If not, then I’m afraid no amount of interval training, protein shakes, gym time or new tyres are going to deliver you the performance that you dream of!

Alive time or dead time?

There’s nothing more satisfying than chasing Strava times, practicing wheelies or buying shiny new parts for your bike, but unfortunately, all that counts for nothing if you don’t have the range of motion you need to get into these body positions. And right now could be the perfect time to work on those areas where you lack flexibility and strength at your end ranges so that you’re fully prepared and conditioned to put yourself in the running when events come back online in 2021.

Bulletproof Athlete

On my site, I have a brand new series of 15 yoga videos that are designed to prepare athletes for whatever your sport demands of you biomechanically. And over the next few months, I am going to share some full-length videos with you from this collection. Starting today…

15-Minute Thoracic Spine Mobility

This is a beginner level sequence that is designed to improve mobility in your thoracic spine (mid back) to alleviate pain in the neck, upper back and in between the shoulder blades. You can practice it at any time of day and it takes just 15 minutes.

Poses (and what they do)

Cat-Cow-Child—mobilises the spine.
Puppy—stretches the lats, shoulders and triceps.
Locust—activates the muscles that support your shoulder blades.
Ragdoll—loosens up the neck and shoulders.
Revolved Standing Forward Bend—improves mobility in the thoracic spine.
Half-Twisted Scorpion—opens up the chest and fronts of the shoulders.
Crocodile—trains deep, diaphragmatic breathing.


– I encourage you to pick up a proper yoga mat but for this video, you could actually get away with any kind of fitness mat.
– I also recommend a yoga block for Revolved Standing Forward Bend (below) if you have tight hamstrings but feel free to improvise with household furniture.

Tricky pose

The only really difficult pose in this sequence is Half-Twisted Scorpion—a fantastic shoulder opener that, unfortunately, may be inaccessible if you have shoulder issues. For those of you who can get into it safely, here are some more detailed instructions.

15-Minute Thoracic Spine Mobility

You can repeat this sequence a couple of times a week to keep your upper body loose and alleviate recurring pain in between the shoulder blades.

And if you’re serious about using this time to condition your body from head to toe, I’m offering a 30-day free trial on my site to access over 140 videos for athletic performance and recovery designed to help you fulfil your potential as a rider!